A Letter To My Best Friend, Silence

You promised you’d stay with me,
To give me comfort and help me be.
To feed me an overdose of inspiration,
Every of your whisper is a motivation.
I hunger for your presence,
Cos the world has lost its essence.
In you alone I find solace,
So I wait in our sacred place.
Hoping once again you show your face.

Set me free from this bondage,
Cos I feel trapped and locked in a cage.
Prove to me that you’re still here,
Be you beneath the seas, I’ll be there.
My head is messed up and full of nonsense,
Nothing I ever say makes any sense.
My, muse, my spirit, my will to live,
And everything else that I believe,
And even those I plan to achieve.
None of them will be without your aid,
The price to our friendship I have paid,
The way to your heart I have paved.
With you I’ve done wonders,
Our deeds did make others ponder.

But now you hurt me with your silence,
When I seek answers like science.
You are my friend, you are my muse,
Amongst all things it’s you I choose,
To end my pains and cut me lose.
Dear Silence, I beseech you now,
Come to my aid let’s make heads bow.

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