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A Dream

We were sitting under a tree, your head on my shoulder and your hands intertwined with mine, you smelled so good that my nose was buried in your hair. My heart pounding and my chest aching, and it felt like I was going to cry; maybe my dream self knew I was going to wake up to a lonely world where this day dream is just that, a dream.

You were peaceful, eyes closed and face the definition of serenity gently snoozing away.

What wouldn’t I give to taste that for real because right there in your presence I found heaven, my heaven, a heaven on earth?

Your hair I stroked, your face I traced and a delicious sleepy moan was my reward. Instantly it became clear that with you is where I want to belong.

To feel your embrace and dance to the rhythm of your heart, to reflect your smile and memorize the lilt of your voice.

To drown in your love and never make it out, and to love you at your best and worst.

Love has never made me this way, maybe it’s you and your charming qualities, maybe it’s the playful traces of your words on the pages of my soul.

Or maybe there is no reason, I don’t know, all I know is that I love the lovely act of loving you.

You make me fly without wings, my heart fluttering with the winds of you affection like a flag tethered but ever moving, and myself I found in a world full of colourful fantasies all of which have you as a subject.

I am insane and my insanity made itself known to me when I woke up to the rather blank ceiling of my room.

What a cruel mind I posses and a tear escaped the creeks that run beneath my eyes.


Standing on a gold-bathed beach, we were, my arms snaked around your waist from behind and my nose drinking your breath while a smile decorated your face.

A contented sigh escaped my lips as the orange rays of the setting sun darted off your beautiful eyes in frenzy.

“Sweetheart,” you said and my heart danced a little jig of joy. “You know this isn’t real right?” you voiced, concern painted across your words, the dams under my eyes broke and out came the tears they were trying to hold back.

“I do,” I murmured coarsely, heart threatening to fail in its duty.

You turned and cradled my face in your beautiful hands, smiling that smile that puts heaven to shame, eyes brown with love and skin pearl-like rose.

“That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy this fleeting moment while it lasts,” you half-said and half-sang, I really can’t tell which for I was lost,

Lost in the chasm of your love, dark it was and I know not the direction dubbed ‘right.’

Kind even in my dreams, beautiful enough to make the universe jealous, and skilled enough to invade my thoughts.

You are perfection, my perfection, making me dizzily balanced on the rope of your affection.

“Hey,” you chided, “don’t slip deeper into your dream on me silly.” Your smile radiating with the intensity of a thousand stars.

Slowly you leaned in and captured my lips in a soft kiss, gently nudging me to succumb to your fire, I burned.

The taste of your lips, the scent of your skin, and the flavour of that kiss.

I burned and as I once again cursed the curse that was my imagination, inwardly I smiled and within my mind a voice whispered the three words I’ve always wanted to hear from you: I love you.

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