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This Is A Letter To All Mothers

Dear mothers,
The home is an institution
And you, the manager of the commission
Kneels daily in intercession
A woman with true vision
You never relent until you complete your mission.

Who can tell of your imagination?
The incredible taste of your creation
Or the tireless vigour with which you carry out your ministration.

The vacuum of your absence, no one can fill
Your soul glows with compassion and every goodwill
Your love and kindness, nothing can distill
You are a valuable treasure that no one can steal.

You are superb, you give support, you give succour, you give serenity.
You are sweet, you provide solutions, you provide safety, you provide sanity.

You have eyes that see far into the future
You have hands that work up quick suture
You have legs that tread on green pastures
Your mind makes a home out of mere infrastructure
Your brain thinks up great works of literature
Your lips speak prayers and words from the scripture
You are a hard worker, you paint a perfect picture.

Mother, you are not just any woman
You are one who’s willing to go the extra mile
The greatest gift of God to man
You exude goodness, you are far from vile.

A rare gem, a strong pillar, a God-sent
I just wanna say thank you for being my best friend.

Yours sincerely,

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