The Re-vibration: Esu Dan Re Ke?

The monster that resides in Aferi
Accompanied by the crescendos of
The bleating beats of goats
He who get his warmth by the moans of Eniyan
Esu left the water pot on the way to Agbada Omi
And transformed into a bat
Transposing his ten thousand laughters
Into the clandestine of the wind like gorgery
The three-eyed wicked one
That resides in the forest of mahogany
Resting his head with principalities and powers of the air
Was he not the crafty one who stole the nest of Eyie?
And poured saw dust into the air of Ayie?
The one that sees betwixt the land and sea
The one that boasts he created the White sands and chalks
And formed men from nothing
Dakun dabo
Esu Fe Dan re o
Was he not the one that washed his hands and the land became dry?
Was his laughter not the one that caused Sango’s last potent priest die?
He entered Iku sawmill
And raised saw dust to flank us
And is that not what started in ilu oyinbo
And like ejo is visiting us again?
The second coming, hardly are those words pronounced.
When iku is drinking blood as wine, eating flesh as meat!
Wow awo Jesu ti wole o
Iku o mola sugbon ikuriwasalo la wa
Ehn, alawo Jesu le mi
Oje re to jina
Your food is that of inconsequential defeat
Take poetry to pepper your eye
Take eje Jesu and cover your shame.

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