Oh! Not Again!

Everyone is scared
None is spared
yet doctors still cared;
Lives are crushed and dreaded.
Oh! Not again!

Flights halted, malls closed,
Stadia faulted, schools tossed,
Lives are melted.
Oh! Not Again!

Nations folding,
economies collapsing,
healths exploding,
industries gasping;
Oh! Not Again!

Hands washing endearing,
Handshaking disappearing,
Hand viruses still sharing;
Oh! Not Again!

Imminent global meltdown,
Immediate quarantine showdown,
population decimation countdown;
Oh! Not Again!

World War 3 illusive,
Covid-19 extinctive,
WHO indecisive;
Oh! Not Again!

But once again!
We hope for solution
to quell the pandemic confusion.
Hence the world’s salvation.

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