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How often shall I lean against the wall watching you go ?
How often shall tears roll down my eyes like an endless stream?
Is it until I’ve leaned against all walls and they’ve grown weary of me and chased me away?
Or until I’ve cried so long that my tears become an ocean?

I recall your very words
When you leaned on me and I held you in my arms,
With a joyful heart and a happy soul, these words you said to me:
“You are my love and that you shall be, no one can love you like I do. Draw me closer each day and never let me go.”

Never have I felt more special like I felt that day.
Into your eyes did I stare, and into mine did you.
Allowing our eyes to express what only our hearts understood.
I remember my mouth moving and I heard these words come out of it
“No one can take my place for in your heart do I belong. You’ve given me love and love you shall receive from me. Your love is true and so shall mine be. No one can love you like I do.”

I remember how you pressed your finger against my lips and kissed me till I found myself in a realm of absolute tenderness and pure love.
No love was greater.

Where then lies the cause ?
Cos now I watch you leave
Too weak to act
My heart is crushed and trampled on
Helpless I lean, like a little child crying over the loss of his playmate.

“Please come back to me, don’t forget no one can love you like I do.”
These words I whispered but not even your shadow was in sight.

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