Hate Speech

You beat a child
and he cries
you beat him again
because he cried

You have placed coals on our throat
and you have burnt the truth
your ears are at peace with the noise
but it itches you to hear our voice

Our neck is like a pillar
it’s only purpose is to carry the skull
it dares not make a sound
for even the lips are afraid to part

Our tongue has been cut off
and we have become dumb
show me Mohammed
and send for Jesus

Should I go to the mountain
or should I lay on the altar
for words I can’t utter
yet words gather in my belly like fountain

Who dares defy his lordship?
who are we not to worship?
they have turned us to sacrificial lambs
with their weapon of hate speech.

You asked us to turn blind to what we see
you asked us to turn deaf to what we hear
don’t only blast my lips also blast my anus
for as long as their is a hole in me I will voice out

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