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The face of the earth
Made up with sadness

The world
Is cornered

The earth
Now eats the delicacy of chaos

The world
Now rests amid pandemics

The earth,
Now freely slaves in the court of Covid-19

I sit to examine myself
Standing amongst the fallen
With questions running races within me
Would I be next?
With chronical faith
Coronavirus masters as our fate
And with a well-caged faith we hang on to a faithless fate
For we have nowhere to face
But to gladly embrace this fate

This fate
That got us engaged in crisis
A pandemic that has made us pathetic
Even vultures wish us no freedom
For our slavery provides them free meal
While we are left with no will

Who or what is this virus
Who instilled fear in us
Even more than God
This virus
Who made it impossible to listen to God’s word
Some say it’s God’s wrath
Some say it’s our sins
Some say it’s an escape from war

I don’t even know what to believe
Only the fact that corona
Now leaves us miserable

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