What Really Are You?

Like a thief you stole away our happiness all in a jiffy and crowded our heart with fear,
What really are you?

Are you the punishment for our sins?
Or a truncator of our daily life activities?
Are you just a pandemic disease or a population reduction tool?
Were you sent ?
Were you sent to humble and bring to light the self-effacing spirit in us ?
Were you sent to mete out chastisement on us and position us in a state of exigency ?
What really are you?

Are you not afraid of the one behind our breaths and agile steps?
Are you not scared of his indomitable prowess?
He has refined us like gold in the fire of every affliction,
Hence we are insusceptible to your tyranny and woes.

Are you not shaken by the complexities of your dwelling place?
It’s complicated environment and muddlesome seasons.

Did you possess reliable and adequate knowledge of our historical background before embarking on this callous journey of yours?
Why so obdurate and obstinate?

Are you not frightened by our dark skin and it emphasized toughness?
Are you doing well in that tough skin?
Are you comfortable with our nonchalant talks and behaviours towards you?
For centuries,
We have been laughing through hard times,
Why don’t you just walk out in mortification as swiftly as you came?
For all we want to do is to keep on breathing…

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