The Ultimate Option

It’s always a battle of options when I behold her unquestionable beauty.
Options laid out with Torture being the last.
The options you can’t quite guess right, in a thousand trials, but the last you already know.
It all came down to a battle of the ultimates
A battle between the antepenultimate “All of the above” and the penultimate “None of the above.”
You see, the winner of this duel is dependent on.
Your choice between “Peace of mind” and “Beauty.”

First option came right up, after my courage made manifest verbally.
She attacked Mr Courageous with the famous “you’d run if you know…”
“The real me” I helped complete. Yea, I’m good.
Second option you might or might not guess right.
But it is a chain reaction something.
Because it springs out of thou mouth, when first option is activated.

It starts with I and ends with so, with “told you” right in the middle.
I told you so, would have won by TKO
If I waited long enough to know the real her and ran.
Invariably making antepen the winner of the ultimate duel.
Or Torture would have been the correct option.
If only I could stay back and endure all the attitudes she stacked right up for me all in the name of getting to know “the real her.”

Now, I don’t know if I made the right choice or not.
But what I do know is, the ink in my pen always win the battle of the ultimates

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