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Pains In My Heart

In a society where hope is gone
The storm lives in regrets
the wind shouts in joy
The sun kills the crops
And flood swallows the plants

I feel the heat all over me
Standing in between two men
Who either accept me or release me
But my fate turns out fruitless

Young girls fear to go out
Cos of guys around the corner
While others are doing
Shifting cultivation
In the house of a guy
Who can’t pay his rents

The breeze of pain
Blew into my ears
And I started to think with my pen
And write with my mind

But through my glasses
I saw staff molest a student
And a student seduce a staff
But a big stone fell on my heart
When a boss stole from the servant

Some futures are left in the purse
While others are left in a bottle
But the victory of few
Are seen in rays
And the joy of many
Are seen in the wallet

I paused to urinate
But I sneezed the remains
Out of confusion
That even the instrument of peace
Have been thrown to the backyard

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