If I Were A Poet

If I were a poet
I would let my mind wander
in the river of thoughts
and fetch inspirations
that will forever be alive
and capture the heart of many

If I were a poet
I would cook the words
with my ‘feelings’ the seasoning
Then dish it out on a paper
with the ink and pen as my cutlery
I will feed till I get satisfied

If I were a poet
I would harmonize each step of my dance
with the rhythm of my heart
And transform each word
Into seeds of peace to reap
with fleshy juice to sip

If I were a poet
I would compose lines
with metaphors enclosed
Into deep hard shell
that when broken
pain and love will flow for man to see

If I were a poet
I’d write to touch and relieve
I’d use the power of words
To heal every bleeding soul

If I were a poet
I’d paint the words with my love
sketch a lives into my lines
And fill the shadow with my pains

If I were a poet
I’d weave the words like a basket
and tell a story in lines
then learn my lessons in rhymes

If I were a poet
I’d drink what the ink spills,
live where the ink dies
And heal when the ink bleeds

World Poetry Day

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