Trip to Hell

Trip to Hell by Lucifer on ZenPens

Turned the doorknob to my room and the door opened into a hallway. I had to squint my eyes in order to see with the very dim lights that lit the hall. The lights flickered and went off as I walked past them.

Walking down the hall, the sound of my footsteps reverberated all around and it gave me an eerie feeling, making chills run down my spine. I looked behind me and all I saw was pitch blackness. What scared me was my calmness. With an inborn fear of of darkness, I wonder how I wasn’t hyperventilating.

It all seemed like this darkness was calling me, wanted me or was already in me. Looking down the hall, I could make out a figure: tall as a man and had a striking body outline. He beckoned on me and I felt my legs running to him.

I stood before before him and yet couldn’t make out his face. His glistening fangs were all I could see around his mouth region. Red glowed on where I think his eyes should be. And in a split second, he sank his fangs into my carotid artery while simultaneously, his claw tore through my ribcage and had a grip on my throbbing heart.

All I heard were whispers, I could only make out one. It said, “You are mine.”


The lights came on and I woke up perspiring profusely.

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