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The Temple I Could Not Worship

Location: Cloud 9 Club House, off moon Road, Jupiter State.
Time: 9pm

I walked into the dance hall
Which was my first time
Since I’ve travelled to a new planet.
And, here comes she…
… dancing through my gaze
00:00 seconds, my focus changed
towards her set of loins.
She has no face but beauty is all I see.
She wears a sexy smile
That could pull of my cloths at a glance.

Oh, this is not my doom day
And waiting to groom her on my wedding day
Is like a dream never come through.

And here she is,
Drinking from the thirsty ocean
of my assorted salty lips.
I thought it was a joke
When her hands moon-walked
through my infantry hairy chest.
She halted at the center
For me to catch some vibes.
And as the music keep playing on,
On and on and on and on…
The more I become lost
and might get lust in her temple.

She flipped down her hands
Towards my navel,
And, I was marvelled,
Exotic moans erupted from my throat
Which I couldn’t resist.
And the real man beneath me is over 18.
Kini máa ṣe báyìí?

I wonder how my brain
Was still working from A to Z?
For I have to make my hay beneath her zip.
I have to taste the sweetness of life
From this lustful agent.
All I did which was indeed,
Was that I couldn’t worship the Lord
Beneath her temple.
For her temple is not that of God,
But of man.
So, why should a man worship man?

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