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Ladies Man

So, this new guy joined us in our compound, and barely a week after, all the females started crushing on him, leaving the other males begging for the slightest attention. It wasn’t as if he had any physical features that turned heads around, he was just plain, just plain.

I wanted to know why the females couldn’t get enough of him, why they continued to get tuned to his companionship. I was dying to know why. He had them all. I forgot to mention that. Them all, no favorite.

There was a problem, language barrier. He didn’t speak my language and his was rubbish to my ears. So I opted for mind conversation. We spoke through our mind. To someone standing by, we were just staring at each other, but in reality, we were deep into a serious conversation.
So I presented my question. He cackled.

“Every female is different. Not what excites this one excites that one. You get to know what each person likes and wants, and yippee… you are game. Do you understand?” he said.

Without waiting to hear my reply, he threw back his haughty head and gave a loud C-O-C-K-A-D-O-O. One of the losers whose girlfriend had deserted him for the new guy eyed him with hatred.

I watched as he left, that load of masculinity.

He was a cock.

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