Is There Not A Cause?

You are the king of nothing
Living in a palace of penury
Your are robed in poverty
And you drink sorrow from the cup of anguish

You’re celebrated in suffering
Your vindication is guilt
You smile with tears
And laugh with gnashing teeth

Now you’ve had enough
Of this well-structured crash called life
You’ve had enough
Of this sensation desperation

So you went to the court of God
To unfold your gallery of anger
With hostile bitterness
You read your tragic chronicle

And with all attention
He listened with no question
And after you are done
He answered just with a question

Is there not a cause?

Is there not a cause
Why you’re cursed with a cursed cause
For He is too just
To leave you in a curse without a cause

And when it time
To be freed like the colt
You will be freed
For He is in need of you

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