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Shall I ever be forgotten
When my breath visits my ancestors?
Shall my fine body be rotten
When my spirit sets to meet my creator?

Most times people walk on my living bones
After the good I have done, they throw me stones
Delete all the consoling songs I have on my phones
And play me their own favourite tones.

I listened, I sobbed and I thanked God.
For before now He has said it in His words
Only you can change your own world
So I set to be my own ward

Some part of me knew that was important
But another part chose to ignore the burden
But I realized I was being foolishly persistent
Because of the fear of being forgotten

Now I realize I have been writing on the walls,
The pages have all been forgotten, and time ticks.
While I rest in peace and awaits God’s call,
My silence will always speak.

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