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Dead Society

The wind carried about tranquillity
With rhapsodic mood
Which was interrupted
By the change of mood by the wind
And the world went back to heat period

Drums were heard
Outside the building
Sounding so aggressive
But became more aggravating
Within a short while

The society has been damaged
As the quest for holiness
Dies everyday
The government are blamed for everything
Though the a guilty of everything

Sleeping with two eyes closed
Is a risk to danger
For widows are no more strangers to uncles
I wonder where they left their wives

A palace of sin
Where not only that officials steal
But stealing is official
Even examined life is no more worth living
For an anecdote is even a fabrication

Everyone claims religious
When they are irreligious
And still preaches to irreligious
To become religious
As though they themselves were religious

Next door room is a church
Before the gate is a mosque
Outside the gate is a shrine
Hundred miles is a yankard hospital
With a pastor doctor
Yet the hostile is still within

Government is blamed for everything
While in our little organizations
We are coherently tied
As we fail to perform

The tears in our eyes
Are yet to turn to blood
As the raped
Becomes the raper

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