Prose Poetry

A Letter To My Mother

My life began right in your eyes. I grew peacefully in your womb till you heard my first cry in the labour room.
At infancy, you sat and watched my infant head when sleeping on my cradle bed.

You witnessed my first smile. You had sleepless nights while trying to put me to sleep when I had my first tooth. You watched me take my first steps. Childhood was fun with you in the picture.

Adolescence was great too! I remember how you applied palm oil on my tender nipples. And you had told me jokingly that I shouldn’t get to excited because those little nipples would take me out of your house someday. You taught me how to make use of a sanitary pad. You said I shouldn’t get too intimate with boys and that I shouldn’t let any man touch me in my private places. You taught me virtually everything I ought to know when it comes to body cleanliness.

While growing up, I thought you were mean for being too strict and overprotective. But later on, I realized that you had my best interest at heart. You were only trying to protect me from making a terrible mistake any teenage girl would make at that stage.

A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible! Your love has given me a great fire which drives me to pursue my dreams.

We’ve been through tough times together and those times made us stronger! The scariest time of my life was when I thought I was going to lose you to sickness! I begged death to not prevail over you. I prayed endlessly to God and he answered me. And here you are today, healthy and strong!

In you I find peace, joy and happiness in. Words can’t express what you mean to me! But I know that I find the purest love in your eyes!

You raised me to be the lady I am today. You’re my hero. You’re a warrior who has never been defeated by problems. You’re strong and beautiful. You’re bold and brave. You’re a praying mother. You’re a woman of faith. You’re the world’s best cook. You’re a working miracle. You’re light. You give so unselfishly. You taught me to be a God-fearing person. I learnt to never give up or quit when things aren’t over. I learnt to only quit when I am done.

Thanks for putting me in the path of the Lord. Thank you for raising me in the best way you can. Thanks for being there always. Thanks for all the sacrifices you made for me. Thanks for imbibing discipline in me.

Oh! Mama for everything you’ve been through, there’s nothing I won’t do for you. You deserve the best of what this world can offer to you. In my next life, if there will be one, I want you to be my mother again.

I’m so glad you are my mother! Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who begat me! My Senior Abiomo!

I call her My Priceless Jewel!

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