Voiceless Asshole on Corona

Flawless is the future
The present is a glimpse of the future
Frequency without radial
An engine without efficiency
Producing an echo without a trace
In the realm of corona race.

Like a stream sound corrosive to the ear
Yep! So corrosive but an empathy of confusion is so rude.
Nothing is pleasant, if it cannot calm nature
It’s just like a voiceless mail
Within a sphere that lack equator.

Maybe I thought of something gorgeous:
A mirage in the future
That look like the past in the present.
Corona occupied our space, sound round the comic of death.
Maybe nought, but the nought says alot when silent speaks, an error in the sound of our planet.

Soundless asshole, a crack in our world.
Attacked by an aliens
Which lacks equator
In their space.
Coronas are aliens with voiceless asshole
Without an identity of the way.
An asshole in the heart of our world,
sounds brutal and voiceless but thought of our intuition is just like a blank TV waiting for power to function and expel corona from our comic world.

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