The Gathering of Poets

I hail thee
Thou inscribers of words;
giving motion to alphabets
causing them to walk upon hearts.

I hail thee
Thou igniters of emotions
making us reflect, laugh
and moving us to tears.

I hail thee
Thou swingers of pen
changing the world
one line at a time.

Thou art great, O Poet,
Breaking boundaries and helping the world escape the recesses of their hearts
with the torch of wisdom.

Your ink burns the fibre of souls.
Your lyrics give flow.
Your lines, every time we savour.

Thou art a god by yourself.
Mere men wait by the temple
of ‘media feeds’ to watch your magnificence change lives.
Others find solace in the pages
where you have immortalized yourself.

I celebrate you,
Poets all around the world.
You may know not what you are
But I do.

You’re shapers of destinies;
Tellers of the sublime truth;
A lighthouse on a dark beach.
You’re the beacon of hope.
You are all that you are.

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