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Currently Nigeria has <0.25 to 1000 doctor to people ratio, which simply means one doctor to more than 4000 people, due to the exodus of doctors to western countries in search of greener pastures.

Italy, that is well above us had to promote 10,000 of their final year medical students to increase man power to tackle this deadly pandemic.

We are one of the poorest countries when it comes to practicing social distancing due to our pattern of market, religious activities and others. You can attest to that yourself.

Nigeria has one of the least well-equipped ICUs in the whole world. I laugh sha because countries wey sabi, dey convert hotels into hospitals to make ends meet.

Nigeria has one of the poorest health-seeking behaviors in the world, she competes with some few African countries. We all know how we take ‘common cold and catarrh’ and other minor symptoms. Studies have shown that an average Nigerian present to a hospital due to fainting spells or an actual lose of consciousness.

Nigeria has one of the most annoying I-don’t-care attitude I’ve ever seen. Twitter confirmed that shit. We joke a lot, no matter how serious the circumstance is. And we are good at it.

Economies of countries we are dependent on are crashing down, they’ve withdrawn aids and importation from China has seized.
Hunger will soon set in with the highly anticipated corona virus.

Right about now, it is safe to say that Nigeria is about to witness a very huge blow, for which its recovery will take quite long.

I pray for God’s special intervention, I pray the scientists get a vaccine or cure for this.

And most of all, may God save us all.

Ndewo nụ

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