An Accolade To The Greatest Cheats Of All Time

Picture frames holding nothing but shards,
Tattered sheets and dirty sinks,
Clogged pipes left for your pleasure,
You’re a cheat,
So you should smell like one.

Lipsticks and paint decorating front porches.
Heels sticking up from furniture,
Soft feathers making the red more lovely.
You’re a cheat,
You deserve a little drop of purity even in death.

Splayed limbs,
Haphazard dressing done.
Blue and red tinge your skin.
You’re a cheat,
And you’ve been made the king in your own predicament.

Painful swallows,
And burning tears,
Life without you would be heaven.
You’re a cheat,
That’s why I’m cleaning up the mess you made.

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