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After School, How Far?

Say country hard no be for college
The little waya wey you dey face dey taste like porridge
Until you finish school, come lose all the privilege
No be person go teach you how to manage

Na so we take get admission,
Thank God for em promotion,
Education is the key, na em we come pick
Make we open our doors quick quick

Clearance stress no be here
As a fresher confusion come nack you here and there
Like say na sin wey we do for sec. school we dey pay
Lecturers follow come wahala come join with tray

Na so man finish year 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Things don the change unlike before.
For final year all mens ringtone na 4 years don waka
We no too understand that song chaacha

Na signing out things
Before defence come follow
For their crayfish mind they have made it in life
Dem no know say dem never see anything

Na like two months after graduation
Matured yawa come jam niggaz coupled with serious frustration
No more send me money for this abi that
Na then you go know say country hard die

After school, how far?
You don dey plan your life abi you still dey wait for the key
If you get the key and the door no gree open nko?
My brothers hustle oo! As a graduate make you no come dey as beg undergraduate make em send you recharge card.

E get as e be…

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