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Open Envelope

To the one who never comes:
To you, I waited billion years, hoping to fill the void of emptiness punctured in my heart like a rabbit hole.
To you, I dreamt of coin laundry on the moon, sharing the twisted bond of love.
To you, my imperfection perfected my flawless flaw.
To you, I sleep-walk ten thousand miles to feel your lofty softy touch, summing my parts to whole.
To you, I share my tiny rocket, containing the oxygen of love.
To you, I hope you find this floating open envelope.

To the one who came and left:
To you, I thought you’re the best, different from the rest.
To you, I rested my restless soul on your shadow, guiding my stray heart to wonderland.
To you who dig the tunnel of vague hope in my heart, leaving me like leaves without roots.
To you, I hope and hope you find your better half.
And to you I’ll smile when next we meet on lath.
To you, I hope you find this floating open envelope.

To the one who finds this open envelope:
To you, I hope you don’t pity me, as we’ve both shared in this poison chalice.
To you, gladly I give you my sore heart, wrapped with bandage, waiting to be mend.
To you, I hope you doctor my heart and wait till we meet again, again and again.

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