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My Mirror

My eyes fix
To the wall before me
And I could see
All but trifle
For my heart raced
So much I couldn’t hold it
Neither could I slow it down

I tried convincing myself
But I couldn’t admit your absence
For it seems as if
You are still here
I could still feel your presence
The funny way you laugh
The giant shape of your hands
Still linger on my body
I could still hear your voice
Clearly, calling me “Son”
But now, it’s dawned on me you’re gone

I could still
Feel your love
The integrity you portray
Makes me proud
To call you my mirror
The way you taught me
Through hardship
Makes me strong enough
To be captain over hard ship

But it seems
The Grim Reaper
Cares not what he reaps
For even the young tree
He cultivates
Leaving their family to fate

Even though
I get to know you
Not more than when I was seven
Still my love for you
Is still even

I miss you
Whom which I’m a replica
I miss you my mirror

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