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God, When!

He comes on social media to lament, the slogan for the singles, deriving laughter and mock sympathies from strangers and foes alike

I see him everyday, we attend the same classes everyday, I have sat with him on numerous occasions,
But I guess, I was invisible.
Likewise the immediate world around him.

Ears plugged, with high tempo music blasting his eardrums to possible deafness, (I’m worried for those ears, whenever I see him bend his head, trying to hear what a friend at 5ft away from him said)
His eyes, (they are very pretty by the way, piercing black, like dark coffee in a sea of white milk)… they are always glued to his phone. The one device that is the centre of his universe.

His fingers (yeah, pretty also, well manicured and fancy)
Always strumming his screen pad, gently and delicately, like a lover would strum his partners pleasure point, like a sensuous musician would strum his guitar string.
Effortlessly, he types away.

His lips, (need I talk about this part of his face that drives me absolutely crazy, every time I steal a glance?)
Always in a cursive smirk, or a grin, whenever something amazes him from his universe (phone).

I have been stalking him for two pathetic years now, he doesn’t know of my existence.
Which should make me hate him by now, but no!
I blame the demonic device he is always entrapped to.
The device that got him enamored, so intricately, like tubes in a patient undergoing kidney dialysis.
He seemingly can’t extract himself from this self engulfed prison cage.

The social media world got him, like a snare. Holds on to him tight, he risks dismemberment if he tries disentangling.
He is stuck, and from the outside, I’m the one that’s worried about him.

“God, when?!”
He uploads on his page, I receive a notification of his post, in a few minutes hundreds of reactions are flying by—interactions are being made, his lips are in that “self-assured” smirk again.
While the lecturer yammers on about kinematics something something.

I want to unplug his ears, and scream into them;
“Your prayers have been answered two years ago!”

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