Women’s World

Women’s world are wired
In their head as care
Goggling giggling in an exciting region of her mind
And has forte which can’t be read by the reason of men.
I hold not apology to myself
Since mask made itself simile of whom fear might be to women.
Circuit is embedded for systemic flow
Of their interest to grow
As no other entity but glow.

Women’s world should be praise
As the heavens does and rise
For accolade which reside in their eye
Because their sight is more than an eagle.
Their strength is made of ever lasting
Found in a shining diamond
Floating as feather in the mind
Because they’re an edge to initiate man
No matter how complex
His plexus mind maybe
Women have to access his bill.

Women’s world should be given a golden respect for their loads
Of ideas in nurturing an infant to adult.
They are more than what words
Can fish out for description
As moto of their picture
Taken as a result of their posture,
What an enthusiastic creature
Executing syntax not in errors but for the errors
Of their companion.

Women are amazing, so good to hear and smooth like the surface
Of a golden oil
With less pressure, and reason like an idea that inscribe oceanic love to the world.
Not a shift for women, if so, the world will be like a giant tree hewn by an axe.
Women recycle bin for men
Which result to confidence in men.
When time permit power
Memories will fade and strength will be used
Against itself;
Men forget where they are sourced from,
Hmm, let an empty calabash fill itself, let fishes survive on terrestrial,
Wait, to notice the come.

A world without women
Forget is treasure in a woman.
Women world is a cycle of respect in gen,
Yep in gen, because they seat on the side
That make men active on every sides.
She represent life,
Her style of music
Flows into veins
That embrace her, because she own the race of humanity.

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