Who is a Child’s Father?

Dele says his feathers
Have been plucked.
He even screams of how
He has run into ill luck.

What makes a cat
Gallivant in the sun—
Search for rat?
Why is Dele putting up all these acts?
Desire to catch Sharon red-handed in the act?

Sharon had lied,
She had mixed
Wheat with tares in the night.
Tares grew with wheat
But night can only last all night;
Dawn seeks to reckon all deeds done
In the night with light.

Dele doesn’t want to hear pleas
From his family, even from his peers.
How could he have been lured
All these while into fathering
A child he hadn’t fathered?

Sharon has done wrong;
She had laid cock’s egg
In duck’s nest.
But Dele has to be asked further
Who a child’s father is—
The one who activated the egg
And can’t go farther than that
Or the one who raised the egg
Into a chick and a potential cock?

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