Stupid Stress

Night after night I sleep not.
I thought of what exactly has gotten me nuts
To the extent that I’ve got no chill
In my entire emotions and feels.

Only to realize a melody,
That kept playing in my head continuously
By an artist way too far from my territory
I knew it must be something quite extraordinary.

I made a call immediately.
I turned a stress to the artist unfortunately,
Luckily, I have the value to receive a show.
And after sometime she has to show.

I couldn’t listen any further,
Based on my integrity and love for my father.
So I had to fulfill a son role
While I got snatched of my fun roll.

My favorite artist now sing dirge
Shout over being pulled aside her stage
I felt bad after explaining to an edge,
I mellowed down due to my sage.

It is true at a point I ignored her songs for my fathers will,
And it is true her songs were true and I needed more fill,
I regret them and lay low in distress
After having called a stupid stress.

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