“Thou shalt steal not”
So says the Holy Book
But your tithe
Stays in your pocket
You shout and preach
“All liars shall go to hell”
But you tell us false tales
To make our pocket
Vomit its contents

Comrade for human rights
You parade yourself an activist
But you greet your wife with punches
You teach us to care for our spouse
But your wife you made a punching bag

You lead ‘War Against Indiscipline’
While you sponsor armed robbers ammunition
You parade yourself a lawmaker
While you head the gang of lawbreakers

We all complain of politicians
While we all are pots calling kettle black
What a pity
We are all birds of the same feather

We all are hypocrites
Projecting ourselves as Christ
We are all sinners
Appearing saint-like

We all are doomed to be bad
Our inheritance from Adam
Nature’s way we cannot escape
Even though our spirit tries to be plain

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