PoetrySad Poems


They see blood
Blood and tears, intertwined
They see a young girl
Stiff, hunched over, dress torn to shreds
Huge grins on their faces, conscience equals zero

She marks faces
Faces roughened by hard labour, hard labour and evil
She makes vows, she swears to death
Death would visit, just like Father Christmas
But with wailing, and weeping, unending

They see death, one after the other
It’s grip enveloping, strong as chains, chains of pain
They make wishes
Wishes purchased by regret, regret and tears
It’s too late, they are swallowed, swallowed in whole

She hears voices, voices and cries
Of men, men evil and wicked
Men dead, dead and cold, cold as ice
She dream dreams
Dreams of fear, fear of the unknown, the untold.

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