Can She Handle It?

Last night again,
she slept in pain.
Teardrops like rain,
soaked her pillow with stains.

All night long,
crying was her song.
Yes, she is strong
but everything went wrong.

At her expense,
she was left in suspense.
With everyday of pretense,
she was thrown into the pit of offense.

The truth, yes the truth
that’s all she wanted.
Whether it hurts or heals,
she really wanted the truth.

The truth, yes the truth
Is a complex beast
that requires more than facts.
She said, “I can handle it”
“I can possess and tame it.”

The truth, yes the truth
Of his past life
covered in ashes and coal.
How he let loose the beast
and the rogue in him.

She melted into despair
with the truth in the air.
True, the truth isn’t fair
to the love-emotion pair.

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