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Welcome to KWASU

I had turned away from the mirror, rolling my eyes for the umpteenth time. “What about this?”

My roommate who was then a 200 level student had eyed the fifth dress I tried on that day and chuckled. “They still won’t let you in through the gate if you wear that,” she replied, resting her head on the headboard.

I groaned. “Not again!”

I had gained admission into Kwara State University two days earlier and just like almost every fresher had felt when they learnt they’d gained admission into the university, I felt excited. I felt I now had the freedom to do whatever I wanted, and wearing whatever I wanted. But fortunately or unfortunately, my excitement was turned into a moody one.

KWASU didn’t allow her students to wear chiffon dresses, cropped-up tops, armless clothes, off-shoulders, crazy jeans, anything skimpy or above the knees. As a matter of fact, the guys must always have their hair cut really low. Plus the ladies weren’t allowed to plait their hair with coloured attachment and weave-ons. Even slippers weren’t allowed on campus.

“So… I virtually can’t wear eighty percent of the clothes I brought into the school?” I stated bluntly, settling myself into the chair near the reading table.

“No,” my roommate replied matter-of-factly, laughing her heart out as her eyes settled on my suitcase.

WELCOME TO KWASU,” she added.

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