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The Fiend in My Friend

Till this end,
I am still amazed.
It all ended like a hyped feature
In a trend.

Wolves, at times,
Wear sheep’s clothing;
I failed to be alert
When I heard your first growl.
I thought that even if you growl repeatedly,
You can’t eat me raw.

Like a rainbow in the sun,
Intuition came running to me
Like dogs to a son;
I refused to duck.
I thought that even if it rains,
I would bow—anything for a dear friend.

Your smile was like
The fire lit in a bakery;
Glowing, alluring, eye-catching
But dangerous with its underlying whistling.

You saved me
And also served me as bait
While I wriggled playfully at your care.
Caring with you was two-sided;
You constantly asked how I was faring
While practising how to be daring.

Made you play me like the game of Whot!
You wanted me to fend with my last card
While you trend with my sweat:
Your plans failed and I became a threat.

It was your coldness
That yelled stories untold.
Dramas unfolded
And motives were decoded.
Your recorded voice
Still leaves my frame devoid of its voice.

It all ended
When it had hardly started.
Even if you plead, it won’t make any difference,
That fiend in you has raised its head in defiance.

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