Street Urchin

Street Urchin by Sulaimon Zainab Omowunmi on ZenPens

The sound of blaring horns,
Tearing through me
Becoming one with the turbulence within.
The harsh scorching sun
Intent on marking me.
The heat,
Sweat dribbling is a norm.
The smell,
Putrid and nose clogging.
The hustle and bustle,
For daily meals.
The desperation
When the day is going to an end, and your wares are still
Intact! A ticket to hunger!
The struggle.
The rush and constant adrenaline,
The stark discrimination
The huge division
The hypocritic contrast
Between normal humans
And us
The street urchins!

This is my reality
I don’t know how I came about
But I remember
Waking up deathly hungry one day
And risking death
The street welcomed me
With open arms
And the love
A weed addict
Shows a newly recruited victim.

The streets nurtured me
It’s the only family I know
The streets showed me cruelty
In a loving bosom
Told me to suck up
I strive to be my own individual

I used to shed tears
Tears for lost memories
Tears for belonging
Tears for need
Tears for raving hunger
Tears for love!

But my tears dried up
I have got no more tears to cry
The only liquid that’s allowed
To come out of me is sweat.
Sweat for myself
Sweat for thrive
The sun has a dent on my back
As I unashamedly brave the elements
Seeking for my share
I was not here by mistake!

I am a street urchin
And I have a future
I have a story!
Strive to thrive
I have a story to tell
As my future unfolds
Under this century old bridge
I dream dreams
On top of this moth eaten makeshift blankets
I craft my destiny!

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