Most Times

He desires the good girl
Who is naughty for him
But he deserves the bad girl
Who is moderate and calm for him

While she desires the bad boy
Who is only good for her
She deserves a good boy
Who is extremely naughty for her

She is too good for anyone to dislike
He is too bad for anyone to like
They are both mysterious creatures
Wandering like a flock of ducks.

Being bad made him underrated
To people he was just a mere womanizer
But underneath he was just
A thief, drunkard, liar and more.
Like bad girls being termed sex addicts
Less do people think about the other likely traits;
A smoker, drunkard, liar and more.

Most times, what they desire come to them.
And what the deserve escape them.
That alone tells you how complicated life can be
But most times, they end up the best mix.

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