Men’s World

Round the section of men
There is a life
Governed by dominion
Earned for domain
In its section of servicing the main.
An addition of his attribute
Is not a raffle ticket
Gotten by chance
Either by luck.
Men are ridged in decision
Like Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
Their hearts are control
By a simple plain text
By a knit text
Which revolve round their instinct.

Men’s world rotate in responsibilities
Seated on strategies of responsibilty
For proper delivering of his responsibility
Although, he feels like a dough
Which refuse to be transform by oven
Since his beliefs are phantom of his notions.

Men’s cliff to logic
Which unleash the link
Of thought that winks
When hooked like an undigested milk
With a staff that lacks
authority in the city that flicks,
Tuning for responsibility
In a world wired by diversity
And subdue by tenacity
Because men are made not for fallacy
But for attribute which result to responsibility.

Men world is not from mars
Either from an atomic mars
It is made up of logic mathematical fas
Which lie on farthingless
In an aged infidel globe
Fishing for rings
In the talkie, “Lord of the rings”.
Anyways, men has stabbed feelings
And invaded cravings as trans
Like a crocodile in is pool, same as in is terrestrial glands.

Men world are composed
Of logical posed
Folded not in scar
Of painful dill,
Dill has no pain
It is calm and relaxed fairly
Like a quill floating in the air fairly.
Daily men sail their boat
Hustling without end
Because their mind has no end
Like women that fall into ditch of mere words
For emotion to manipulate their mind.

Men world expands
And concern thought
Since their inception
Is to dominate creations
Made by them and creature made by it anchor.
Men world strike the world
For ghost to remain as ghost
And life to remain as life
Because a lifeless hominid
Lives in the camp of ghost town.
And men world is to strike respect as love on moonlight.

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