Men and Money

Men made money,
money shaped men.
Men needed money,
money failed men.
Men work for money,
money works for men.
Men died for money,
money cried for men.
Men love money,
money enslaved men.
Men killed for money,
money decimated a thousand men.

If men are the head,
money is the brain
making men to bring out their best.
Money is the only bride men cannot divorce,
she is a whore men cannot do without.
Though lifeless, she gives life to men,
make men to find a course in life
and inspires men to do the unimaginable.

Though she is called “Vanity”
But for her,
men will loose their sanity.
But for her,
women will lose their virginity.
But for her,
humans have lost their humanity.

Men thrive in the world,
the world thrives on money,
a source of energy.
Though men created money,
she has become more than a god, a wife and a friend.

Money is the only creation of men that controls every other creatures including men.
Men, women, children, families, marriages, governments, schools, carriers, clergy, people irrespective of race…
everything under the sun… depends on money.

Though men said,
“It is not about the money”
but in the end
“It is about the money”
Men said,
“Money cannot do everything”
but in the end
“Excess money can do everything.”
No matter the odds,
men and money
remain inseparable.

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