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Love and Secrets

I won’t say it.
I won’t tell of this to anyone.
I’ve fallen.
And not just a brutal drop,
I’ve plunged deep into shame.
I’ve danced with abnormalities,
And I’ve dinned with the strange.

I won’t tell anyone.
I dream of you,
Of your caresses on my skin,
Of your sweet kisses,
Of your warmth and heart.
I’ve set up castles in the sky,
And I’ve made you the Queen.

I won’t speak of our atrocities.
Of crimes committed in the dead of night,
Of pleasurable experiences
And sinful deeds.
I’ll hide for as long as I can.
We won’t be understood.

Not because we are of a different class,
Or of a different race,
Or different in our religion.
But because you’re a girl.
And I’m a girl too.

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