Women Should Not Be Leaders

Women Should Not Be Leaders by Bernice Chimere on ZenPens

These days, I see lots of people misunderstanding the word feminism; maybe because it includes “fem”; maybe because the examples of so-called feminists they’ve seen are nothing to write home about. I know some people are even scared of calling themselves feminists because they don’t want that hate or judgment that comes with it. Someone may refuse to listen to what you have to say simply because you called yourself a feminist, saying that feminists never have anything good to say. What baffles me even more is when I see people I thought to be learned rejecting feminism, saying it only supports females. Now let me get something across to everyone.

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If people where to visit their dictionaries and understand the meaning of a word, instead of relying on social media sources and various wrong opinions of outsiders, I bet things wouldn’t be so hard for us feminists.

Now let me make this clear: Feminism has nothing to do with uplifting one gender and bringing the other down. Feminism has nothing to do with hating men. Feminism has nothing to do with fighting the opposite gender always; of course, we also have females who are strongly against feminism.

People say women shouldn’t be leaders. Feminism says women can be leaders too. Feminism doesn’t say only women should be leaders or women should be leaders simply because we want to fight men, no.

If there are two candidates for a leadership post, both of opposite genders, both with the skills needed for the job, then why shouldn’t the female be allowed to contest and win on a fair ground? Why must it be taken to note that she doesn’t have a penis, has two mighty balls on her chest or in general, doesn’t have a Y-chromosome? Isn’t she human?
This is what feminism is all about. Stop putting down the females. That’s all. Stop limiting us. Stop teaching us that all we can do is cook and give birth. Nope, we are much more powerful and stronger than that. We deserve a chance to gain skills and work towards the betterment of mankind. We deserve a chance to feel fulfilled and help out our fellow humans. Now let ask a question: how many men here will be angry to hear their daughter became president of their country?

I have noticed that when people talk about females and putting them in their so-called place, they don’t seem to also get the fact that they have mothers and will birth daughters too. I would never want to oppress another human being (male) just to prove a point and uphold a female that is not deserving. Feminism helps you understand that not every man should be a leader, some don’t have those skills. And same for women. Do not feel pressured by society to do things your mind and heart do not settle for. For a man, do not feel that it is wrong to be a feminist. I’ve seen feminist men, and it’s only these men, I believe, that really understand the true concept of feminism.

And please note, dear female feminists, that this doesn’t mean you only vote for females. If there are two candidates coming out for a leadership post, both of opposing genders, and you know the man has even more skills and character than the female, and that this female barely has any, please do not be afraid to vote for the man. He is clearly the one for the job. People will accuse you of not being a feminist, but this point is where you actually prove that you are a true feminist. Do not let them attack you on the basis that you are putting down a woman for a man; feminism has never been about that. There are people, females especially, that would want to use the misjudged concept of feminism to their advantage, wanting to gain grounds and positions that their skills can never even match up to. Never be afraid to point out these fraudsters. These are the people who define feminism as it benefits them, and sadly enough, these are the people that social media gives more attention to and people begin to feel feminism brings nothing but trouble.

I’m a woman. I’m a feminist. I’m in a mighty strong relationship with my man, who is also a feminist. I have never put down my man. I have never sought to be his rival. And I will always be the biggest supporter of his goals and dreams, same way he is a huge supporter of mine. I can become the president of the country today and he wouldn’t fret or feel intimidated. Men who feel like this towards other high-profile women need a serious and immediate ego check.

There are women who are housewives and are feminists. There are women who are teachers and are feminists. And we all have to agree that there are certain things one gender can do that the other can’t. Women are natural homemakers. A woman that can’t make a home sounds absurd doesn’t she? Then imagine someone telling you that being a feminist means telling your man to be a homemaker too. Are you out of your bushy mind? Women are natural homemakers, men are natural home providers (bread winners), and in a case where you see the male is more of a maker and the woman is more of a provider and the both are in a relationship, it’s still going to work out very well. Because at least one person is making and one is providing, no matter how absurd that sounds. You can’t come and start competing with your man to provide, same way he won’t compete in the making of a home. It takes compatibility and balance for a home to be fully formed—income (man) and outcome (woman). This doesn’t mean women shouldn’t indulge in assisting their men to provide for the house if he’s finding it difficult, but they shouldn’t do it in such a way it is insulting to the man. Same way a man should be able to pick up a knife and help his wife slice yam for dinner, and not call her a lazy thing. You shouldn’t give the excuse that you come back from work tired, most women in homes are working too and they don’t spend their salary alone. When they cook, they cook for the whole family, they don’t eat the food alone. Duties should be carried out with love and respect. I respect and love my partner, so I shouldn’t be ashamed or unwilling to help him or her carry out his or her duties to achieve balance and harmony. In unions, what should be strived for is balance. You shouldn’t want to compete with your partner. That’s bullshit

There are certain things men in general do too and it’s useless fighting it simply because you think you are being feminist. There are women that will come out to completely fight and belittle men, calling it feminism. This is not feminism, I repeat, this is NOT FEMINISM!

And here’s a tip for the men folk, the submission you want from your woman comes naturally when you treat her right. A woman’s position doesn’t determine the amount of respect and loyalty she will give to you. If she’s not giving you respect as the president of the country, trust me, she still won’t give you respect even as a housewife.

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