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My Nightly Visitor

It is expected that parents should live exemplary lives for their children, but in my house, the opposite was the case. There was never a day we had peace, you would always hear the voice of my mother raised to the highest, throwing insults at my father. Sometimes belts and plates would be flying around the house like they lived with us.

When dad decides to beats mum, he carries it as a burden and takes it as a serious matter, and then starts dealing with her slowly by giving her blows, sometimes slaps that can raise a dead man.

My name is Sophia, I am the only child of my parents. It was so pathetic, frustrating and demoralizing watching my parents do this all the time. I never experienced love as a child in the home. They both had problems. Mum was a very difficult woman and dad couldn’t condone her excesses, so the only solution he had was to become a wrestler and make her his opponent.

In all of these we had a visitor in our home who saw me as a sex toy. He took turns on me almost every night and gave me stern warnings never to expose this secret. I kept quiet about it, died and resurrected everyday. What do I know, as i was just only fifteen?

I tried as much as possible to tell mum what was going on, but she didn’t listen. I gave her signs but she was insensitive. Then I decided to stay and live a life of misery.

One day I decided to end it all. As he was about to grab me to himself, I stabbed him, he shouted, jumped off me, with blood gushing out of his mouth, fell to the floor and gave up the ghost.

Mum came back and saw the dead body with blood stains everywhere, she let out a scream and asked, “What happened to your father?”

Yes, the visitor was my father. Of course he was not a father to me but a visitor, because no one who calls himself father will sexually abuse his daughter and only child at that. Mum immediately called the police, they came but I told them that I would love to say somethings to my mum.

I said all these things amidst tears to her, and ended by saying that I wished that they were not my parents. Then I was was led out by the police.

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