Muttered Attention

Muttered Attention by Smiler on ZenPens

I don’t like being raw
Using the word ‘fuck’ and all
I prefer sex and more

It all came from an action
The one made in the mall of fiction.

He wore a red shirt
It had black stripes on them
Walking calmly
Attracting them sexy

Even though he did it unknowingly
They all took it as though he was waiting on them willingly

Light skin, beards on and all
He called for attention
“But not my attention,”
She muttered.
Wearing a boyfriend jacket
Holding a golden basket
Heading to the fruit market

He noticed and coughed
She ignored and laughed
He didn’t find it funny
The whole act she portrayed

She walked up to the cart
To drop her punnet
A sound proceeded
He noticed and smirked
It was her fart

It was from the girl who was all shinny and endowed
From the one who ignored his well endowment
One placed on him from the one above all enchantment

All heads up and stiff
She ignored and moved along on her high scruft

Ouch! He felt her painful and cold shoulder
He loved her bravery like that of a soldier

She picked all of them up and walked to the cashier
To pay up and place properly her already used carrier
He hurriedly left with all the eyes on him like a different man amidst disease carriers

There he was in the table of the cashier
Displayed his items…

He met his definition of amazement
Offered to pay for her items with smile on like simple amusement.

She smiled at his persistence
Gave him a chance to show of his Competence.

He acknowledged it and didn’t disappoint
The jollity he showed in the whole process gave him a point.

As a gent,
He left without the regular process
That of asking for her number or directions to her tent.

He left her in her own wonder
In her yet to unfold mysterious yonder

Back and forth
He left her in her inner court

To get judged and recall her attitude to the unknown spot owned by an unknown youth
There she was in her berth
Sleepless on her deck
All thoughts on her little gent
The one she gave on cold shoulder as though she was a sent.

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