The market shouts
And still sells amidst chaos.
It is a place for the onlookers
That have their chins on their palms;
The looked that are often called
Fluke or Duke or Rook;
The lukewarm that are
Indecisive and often victims of crooks.

The market is also for the serious,
“I need to have this”
And for the Zealous,
“I must have this”
And for the pious,
“If I don’t have this, what will people say?”

No matter how crowded the market is,
Each person’s purpose will be served.
Unless, one gets carried away
When one ought to haggle prices
And make salient discoveries.
The market is also
a place of recovery after discovery.

Here, people come and go:
Some with achieved goals at dusk,
Some, after being done at dawn.

We are in this market
Where we need to mark the earth.

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