His Sharp Edges

His Sharp Edges by Courage C. Elliot on ZenPens

He was once as cool as the river
The river that never complains of the stones that are thrown into it
He was as gentle as the stars
An insignificant glimmer, yet the pride of his skies

Then it happened!
All he wanted was a taste of love’s nectar
He just needed a place to lay his restless feelings
She was his first shot at love

He had dreams of a “forever” with her
His pure heart wanted a home
She broke that heart and shattered those dreams
She left him broken, shattered

Long nights of tears and blood
Were insufficient medication
He kept saying to himself, “It’s well”
The little voice within thought otherwise

“Revenge! Revenge!” was his only thought
So periods were missed, and more hearts were broken
When I asked him why he chose this path
With the devil’s grin on his face he said,
“Glass has sharp edges only when it’s broken”

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