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I’m Enough

“So tell me something interesting about yourself,” he said. We had been talking for up to thirty minutes, and the ice of a first meeting had melted. He was that good a conversationalist. He was so easy to talk to that I did not think much before answering.

“I run to my fears on reflex instead of away from them.” He raised his eyebrows. I continued, “Like, if I see a snake, instead of screaming and running away, I’d scream and run to it.”

He stared straight into my eyes and then stretched his hands to tug at the sides of my mouth. “You don’t smile either.”

We talked on and on until I told him I had to go and he took my number as I wondered when he would call me: whether it would be this night or tomorrow.

As I walked out I smiled and said, “Nice shirt,” to a girl walking into the pizzeria. ‘I’M ENOUGH’ was inscribed at the front of her T-shirt.

I had already gotten to the bus stop when I remembered I left my glasses in its case at the bar. I humphed and started to walk back. I might see John. I wondered if the romance hanging in the air would die if I saw him again.

As I walked in I saw him sitting at the same spot with another lady on the same seat I had just vacated. I could not even try to pretend to myself that he was not flirting just as he had done with me.

I gauged his expression as I walked to the counter. He was surprised, disappointed, and regretful at the same time. As I stretched across the lady to pick my glasses, I noticed she was the ‘I’M ENOUGH’ lady.

Don’t bother calling. I will hang up on you,” I said as I looked at him the last time.

I made a mental note to flirt with myself tomorrow. I am enough, before anyone else decides that for me.

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