Enliven Emotions

Enliven Emotions by Smiler on ZenPens

Back and forth
To and fro
It kept on moving and demanding for attention in my court.
Loud voice, I heard from my inner chambers of quiet thoughts.

In my utmost ability to cling to one thought,
They all continued rumbling on and on, I just had to do a little sort.

I finally found the most convincing thought
An enticing one at that.

Goosebumps covered my bod
Horny was the word I got from my kop

All fantasies presenting to be chosen and pondered on
Unknowingly to them I was as single as

I was one who never got the nigga just the finger
A line a friend would use without a linger
I was never a Kit nor a Kat
She was KitKat.

Those sexual feelings kept on coming
Filling my head with images
Images I once forgot
Those from the ones who toyed with my emotions
Who enslaved me in my own feelings
Those images of them who gave me a reason to see myself as inferior

It perked up that ache
This feeling once led me to get fucked by him who wasn’t worth the honor of my vagina.

So when those voices from my inner chambers kept on distracting,
I had a quick flashback to when I was used and dumped like an actor after acting.

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