Mending Fences

Seemed more to speak than to quiver
Less to quiver than to bless
All the ruddiness
Gave wag to love like quicksilver

Packed as close as hens in a battery
Bickering became part of all we did
We forgot of what the use is the 024 family

“He is a men’s fellow that let’s no man handle
His lantern; when it’s just to light a candle.”
Frying in our own grease
Hate, treachery, pride and jealousy crippled our increase
Advice is no commandment in my view
But this commandment is an advice from my sideview

But for NASELS, nothing we can claim
So let’s eschew division and leave disunity to maim
Let’s dance in relief;
Of having nothing that tempts another thief

I forbid you to say “He did me a crime”
That, no longer has a rehearsal at this time
Now sheath that sword!
Less a brother’s body thud

We are writers
More so speakers
For rhymes and phonemes we have no rivals

We are gods
The one.
And we are not alone.
God be about our path
Let all queue upon this path

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