It’s Slavery, It’s Hatred, It’s Peace That We Want

Y’all don’t hear her talking, when they kill you for a parking spot in front of your son…
Son sees mother bleeding and he asked,
“Mama what’s wrong? Why are you drained in red color? Why are you crying?
Does the red color hurt?”

Son comes close to mama, stretched his tiny hands and touched mama’s blood
Tastes the color and spits it out… Ew! “Mama this doesn’t taste good!”
He looks at mama’s eyes…
He searched for answers and he got an answer
he saw the speechless pain she is in…
Son started crying so hard that his eyes melted down

And they watched them die in pain
they got away with it, because they were standing on their ground… It’s hot where ever you be. Let us rise as one family with love for each other, but hate for our enemies because they hate us as one

It sounds like a bass song but it’s slavery at it’s peak
Destroying all commercial singers.

Tell them mama keep that casket open for all the world to see that I ain’t just burning while is hot wherever you be

It’s slavery, It’s hatred
It’s peace that we want…

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