Burning Blue Ball

Intergalactic combustion,
the earth is on fire.
Emitting radiant heat,
with no coolant found.

“It is greenhouse,”
said nature’s freak.
“I’m filled with carbon dioxide”
the environment finally speaks.

Raped and ripped off her virginity,
the earth is in emotional trauma.
Depressed and suicidal,
she sends negative energies to all within her.

Industrialization, the matchstick.
Deforestation, the fuel.
The blue ball is on fire
due to human inhumane desires.

The daily temperature rise,
is a constant nightmare to the wise.
It was once a script in sci-fi
now an inevitable reality inside life.

Glacial melting,
Oceans rising.
Islands disappearing
Sand dunes submerging;
the earth is boiling.

The blue ball is melting away
leaving no trace of her remains.
Other planets are in awe
willing to come to earth’s rescue.

New infectious disease found
as new species comes around.
All sorts of pollutions abound
as the earth becomes a dumping ground.

We are all sweating,
complaining and shouting.
But the earth is regretting,
declining and gasping.

Can the burns suffered by the earth ever be treated?
Can she regenerate into a safe haven again?
These questions remain rhetorical
while the hearts of men remain experimental.

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